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From the Global Game Jam 2020 UAT division winners of Best Audio and Best Programming:

Little Fixer is a "sidescrolling" platformer that requires the player, Little Fixer, to traverse their colossal mech overlord and repair the damage it takes while terrorizing a city. As the player races to keep each broken location repaired, they are beset by missile fire and enemy bots. See how long you can keep your rampage going and get the highest score!


Jonathon Sherwood


Uriel Munguia

Tyrease Teer

Level Design

Malik Shaw

Sound Design

Silas Reinagel

Benjamin Branch


Silas Reinagel

3D Modeling & Animation

Elijah Nutter

Addison Buettner

2D Art

Moises Cardona


LittleFixer.zip 64 MB

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